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Integrating getUserMedia and the Web Audio API.

Room Effects

Using ConvolverNode and impulse response samples to illustrate various kinds of room effects.

Frequency Response

A sample showing the frequency response graphs of various kinds of BiquadFilterNodes.


Equal-power crossfading to mix between two tracks.


Generating basic tones at various frequencies using the OscillatorNode.

Drumkit Rhythm

Illustrating the API's precise timing model by playing back a simple rhythm.


Lets you adjust gain and show when clipping happens.

Audio Tag

Illustrates the use of MediaElementAudioSourceNode to wrap the audio tag.


Apply a simple low pass filter to a sound. Lets you tweak frequency and Q values.

Volume Control

A very simple example that lets you change the volume using a GainNode.


Using the AnalyserNode and some Canvas 2D visualizations to show both time- and frequency- domain.

Rapidly played sounds

Many sound effects playing nearly simultaneously. Illustrates pitch and temporal randomness.